Integrated Bar of the Philippines Makati Chapter


Newsletter Volume VI Issue 3 2010

President's Report

How time flies, we are almost midway into our term. Kudos to the officers  and members  of the Chapter  who volunteered  their valuable  time and energies  for the success of the Chapter's  activities.
Last November,  the Chapter  sponsored a well-attended 36-unit MCLE course  at AVenue  Hotel. This was capped by our annual Christmas  Party onDecember4,  with IBP Southern Luzon GovernorAmador  Tolentino and Philippine  National Red Cross Governor  Atty. Inky Reyes as special  guests. Atty. Reyes,  a member of the Makati City Chapter, accepted our donation to flood victims. The Chapter  participated  in the march condemning the massacre of innocent  civilians in Maguindanao  and the imposition of martial law in the province.  The volume  of legal aid consultations and cases accepted  have also increased.
In January the board  of officers attended the House  of Delegates  Convention  in Puerto Princesa,  Palawan where proposed  amendments to the IBP By-laws were presented. Two additional  regions  are proposed to be created which will affect the existing  NorthernLuzon, Southern Luzon  and Greater Manila  Regions. New chapters  will also be created. Under the proposal,  Makati  will be transferred  to a new region - NCR South. The breakout  sessions were characterizedby highly spirited discussions  and the exchange  of opposing views from the delegates. The Chapter  will be consulting the members before submitting its position  on the proposal.
A more pressing  concern  is the question  on the next Chief Justice  with the retirement  of Chief Justice  Puno  on May 17. The Chapter is opposed  to any midnight  appointment  of the next Chief Justice. The Chapter's  position was presented to Governor Tolentino  and brought up during the House  of Delegates  Convention.  The House  of Delegates,  with the pro-active role of the Chapter,  urged  the IBP Board of Governors to take a position  on the issue.
Preparations  are now underway  for the IBP Southern Luzon  Regional Convention  fromApril  15 to 17 tobe hosted by the IBP Cavite Chapter. Details of the planned  activities will be circulated  in the next few weeks. Let us show our untiring support and the solidarity  for the success of our regional convention.
Finally, let us all go out and vote on May 10. Our choice will chart our country's  course in the next six years.